Objectives and Forms of Praise



  • Establish and maintain a place of worship where people can praise and worship God in an atmosphere of love, joy, and peace.
  • Regularly assemble together the members of this body for praise and worship, ministry, teaching the Word of God, and fellowship.
  • Spread the Good News of the Gospel
  • Act with charitable concern, helping those who are in need in both spiritual and practical ways.

Forms of Praise

Yadah - Extended arms and uplifted hands
Surrendering; we need your help
(Psalm 63:4, 134:2, 141:2; I Timothy 2:8; Exodus 29:26; Leviticus 8:27, 23:20)

Towdah - Extended arms and uplifted hands
Praise of faith and thanksgiving
Thanking God in advance for what His Word says that He’ll do
(Psalm 50:23, 100:4; Numbers 23:19; Jeremiah 1:12, 17:26, 33:11)

Halal - Hallelujah; Praise Ye the Lord!
Singing songs together
Excitement and enthusiasm
Liberty in praise and worship
Dancing, jumping, hand clapping, etc.
(Psalm 34:3, 98:8, 150:2)

Shabach - Shout in triumph or cry in desperation
(Psalm 3:4, 5:11, 47:1 & 5, 98:4, 100:1, 117:1, 147:12; Zechariah 9:9; Zephaniah 3:14)

Barak - To bow or kneel before God expecting a blessing not begging for a blessing
(Psalm 72:12-15, 95:6; Judges 5:2; 2 Chronicles 7:3; Ephesians 3:14; Nehemiah 8:6; Exodus 34:8)

Zamar - Praise with instruments
(Praise 33:2-3; 147:7, 150:1-6; 1 Chronicles 15:16, 23:5; 1 Samuel 16:14-18)

Tehillah - To sing praises then flow with the Spirit
Singing unrehearsed, unpremeditated songs
Singing in tongues
(Psalm 149:6; Ephesians 5:18-19; I Corinthians 14:14-15, 14:17)


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