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About PCFGC Johnstown, PA

Praise Center Full Gospel Church of Johnstown, PA under the leadership of Rev. Gladys Benjamin-Myers was birthed on June 27, 1998 through the God-given vision and prophecy of Bishop Charles A. Scales, Jr.

The prophecy was fulfilled on November 8, 1998 when formal worship services began in a local hotel conference room. Weekly bible studies were held at the home of the Pastor. Our first baptism was held on May 16, 1999. We began to search for a permanent location. In our search we found a former pet store. The cages that were built on the inside of the store were inhibitive for worship and stench was unbearable. We knew this was not the place.

January 3, 1999 God began to prepare us to move. He came forth through the Pastor with a word from the book of Exodus chapter 12. Little did we know what He had in store for this location.
March 7, 1999 was a pivotal day in our history as there was no room in “The Inn”. The hotel had no room prepared for our morning worship. We always knew that God had a plan. He sent us back to the pet store we visited earlier that year.

Johnstown PCFGC early building
This time it had been renovated and remodeled.

On March 21, 1999 we held our first worship service at the former pet store. The Lord instructed that this would be only a temporary location. In the year of 2001 The Lord gave us our permanent Worship Site.

200 Cooper Avenue, Johnstown, PA
“…surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee.”
Hebrew 6:14


We are a multi cultural congregation founded on biblical teaching and a firm foundation of prayer. Our worship services are lively, energetic, and powerfully enthusiastic. We go deeper, reach higher, and expect the unexpected. We prayerfully operate within the realms of the Holy Spirit. We continue to obey His word “… heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils…”
Matt. 10:8.


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Johnstown, PA
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About Praise Center

Our purpose is to promote Christianity in the community, foster Christian fellowship among the people, and to share Christian principles with the world.

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October 7, 2014
Does it ever seem like everyone else is being blessed but you? Have you wondered why the Lord continues to allow disappointment, suffering and hardship in your life? There are so...

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Johnstown, PA (814) 536-2064
Moon Township, PA (412) 299-9484
Penn Hills, PA (412) 244-3343

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