Rekindle Your Fire for God

Posted on February 4, 2013 in Devotionals

The month of February marks Valentine’s Day, which often leads many to show special affection toward their loved ones.  But what about God?  Do you spend time thinking about ways to show Him that same attention?

Valentine’s Day lasts just a day, but there are 364 more days in the year to show affection for those you love, including the Lord.  However, time, circumstances and the pressures of daily life often cause some to lose their passion for God.  For others, the loss of enthusiasm is a gradual process where less and less time is spent attending church or participating in spiritual pursuits.  If this describes you, consider the following to reignite your spiritual flame:

Acknowledge your feelings.  The process of change can only come when you admit that you’re not feeling quite the same.
Repent.  Sin is usually the cause for having fallen away from God. Examine yourself for what sin may have crept in your life and damaged your relationship.
Reflect on when your relationship was strong.  What was God doing in your life then? How were you spending your time with Him?  Think about how you can restore those times.
Read God’s Word. Consider beginning with the Book of Psalms.  This collection of prayers, poems, and hymns will focus your thoughts on God in praise and adoration.
Pledge to seek God daily.  Devote time to learning more about Him rather than seeking Him for your personal desires and needs.
Help someone else. Allow God to work through you to bless others.  This also takes the focus off of you.

Just as you might purchase Valentine candy hearts that say “Be Mine,” or “Love You,” the Lord’s waiting to hear those same greetings too.  If you’ve found yourself far from God or with a loss of enthusiasm, there’s no better month than the present to rekindle the fire.   



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