About Praise Center Full Gospel Church

Praise Center Full Gospel Church teaches the Full Gospel from Genesis to Revelation. Established on July 8, 1996 by Bishop Charles A. Scales, Jr., D.D., Praise Center's teachings are rooted on the infallible Word of God and emphasize the power of praise and worship, which is reflected in our name. 



Our Churches

Johnstown, PA
Moon Township, PA
Penn Hills, PA


About Praise Center

Our purpose is to promote Christianity in the community, foster Christian fellowship among the people, and to share Christian principles with the world.

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October 7, 2014
Does it ever seem like everyone else is being blessed but you? Have you wondered why the Lord continues to allow disappointment, suffering and hardship in your life? There are so...

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Johnstown, PA (814) 536-2064
Moon Township, PA (412) 299-9484
Penn Hills, PA (412) 244-3343

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